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Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewable Energy Renewable energy insurance is a growing part of the UK insurance market as more and more businesses look to take advantage of this exciting and growing sector.


The trouble with the sector still being relatively new (certainly in insurance terms) is that there remains a lack of understanding amongst many UK insurance brokers and even insurance companies.

For example, does the fact that you install solar panels mean you should be rated in the same bracket as a scaffolder who spends the vast majority of their time on a roof? The answer of course is no but so many insurance providers (due to lack of knowledge more than anything else) seem to rate people and businesses looking for renewable energy insurance in the wrong way.

What we've found with many new clients is that the energy insurance they have in place with other insurance brokers is quite frankly not worth the paper it's written on as it isn't actually giving them the cover and protection they actually need. More and more UK companies looking for renewable energy insurance are coming to NCi Energy not just for great value energy insurance but for free, expert advice on their existing insurance. The result being that they end up with the cover they for less than they are currently paying.


Renewable Energy Insurance available from NCi Energy:

  • Solar Energy Insurance
  • Solar Panel Insurance
  • Wind Turbine Insurance
  • Biomass Insurance
  • Hydro Insurance
  • Heat Pump Insurance
  • Solar Panel Installation Insurance
  • Solar PV Insurance
  • Erection All Risks Insurance including testing and commissioning
  • Solar Wind Farm Insurance

If your current insurance provider thinks a ROC is something that Fred Flintstone may have thrown or that LECs are a type of fridge freezer then NCi Energy can definitely help make sure you get the advice, support, protection and cover you really need.

If you are providing solutions to home and business owners under the FIT scheme then we can help. Likewise, if you're planning on taking advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme then we have solutions for all types of the operation from households to large industrial processes.


With access to exclusive renewable energy insurance cover and policies which are simply unavailable from other insurance providers, we are able to use our vast experience of the energy insurance market to negotiate on your behalf with the leading energy insurance companies. The result being you get the right cover at highly competitive premiums.


To see how you can benefit simply call NCi Energy now on 0800 046 1446 or complete and submit the form below so our Energy Insurance team can get working to find you the cover and protection you really need.

NCi – Northern Counties Insurance
NCi - Northern Counties Insurance
NCi – Northern Counties Insurance

What NCi clients are saying ?

NCi - Northern Counties Insurance

"Northern Counties provided an efficient and attentive service. They also obtained competitive insurance quotes for contractors all risks and professional indemnity from major insurers for ICAX Ltd in its work as designers and installers of Interseasonal Heat Transfer systems"

Edward Thompson
ICAX Limited
NCi – Northern Counties Insurance
NCi – Northern Counties Insurance

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