Commercial Insurance for your company from NC Insurance

Do you remember the days when your insurance broker could achieve the best rates in the market; resolve all of your queries; negotiate the settlement of insurance claims and still have time to care about you and your business?

The days before centralization; outsourcing and other modern phenomena that remove services to remote locations, sometimes even overseas.

As one of the UK’s longest established Insurance Brokers, NC Insurance has provided companies with expert advice and competitive business insurance since 1928 and delivers the same client focused standards of service upon which the business was built. That means all services, including the handling of claims, are provided from one location.

Independent Business Insurance Brokers

Being an independent insurance broker does not mean that we are unable to compete with national insurance brokers who often claim to offer better insurance cover or premiums. In fact, we have access to all of the same major insurers, including the Lloyd’s market as well as numerous niche products and several facilities that are exclusive to our business insurance division, Company Protect.

NC Insurance is staffed with insurance brokers with insurance broking and insurance company backgrounds, which means we can guarantee that your assets, belongings, people and ability to trade will be covered by cost effective, tailored insurance solutions.

Free Insurance Reviews

Our Business Insurance Reviews consist of starting to work on your behalf long before your renewal date so to guarantee the information we have is correct and to fully understand your business and your specific needs.

This approach will also mean that time (or lack of it) isn’t an issue in your decision making process and it will mean we can approach insurers we identify as being best for your business long before your current broker is aware of the situation.

In addition to the above insurance review which is more in line with what you might be used to, we can also offer you a confidential business insurance review. As the name suggests, this process means the relationship you have with your existing broker remains completely intact as it is totally confidential.

The benefits to your business of opting for a confidential review are:

  • You can make a real comparison between what your current broker is offering as opposed to what NC Insurance can offer as their performance is not driven by the threat of competition
  • You will continue to receive the same normal service from your current broker
  • You will only have to engage one broker to undertake this review to ensure confidentiality and to keep your workload to a minimum
  • You can save time as this work can be done away from busy periods and renewals

At NC Insurance, we have the capability, the structure and the desire to develop long lasting business relationships with our clients and we would be delighted to demonstrate our expertise to you in practical terms.