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      As cybercrime methods become increasingly sophisticated, companies of all sizes need to make sure they have adequate protection in place should they be subjected to an attack.

      From malware to ransomware and extortion, it is all too easy to fall victim to cybercrime in this day and age. With one wrong click of a button, or by letting your bank details fall into the wrong hands, the security and privacy of your company information could be compromised. Small businesses are particularly attractive targets for cybercriminals at present, with obtaining personal data a recurrent goal. Working from home has only made this type of attack even more prevalent as cyber criminals see reduced procedures and security as a huge opportunity to gain access to information.

      Standard Business Liability Insurance is unlikely to cover cyber risks. From a stolen or lost laptop to a hacked account, the smallest data breach can lead to compromised personal data, monetary losses and legal liabilities. NC Insurance will analyse your needs and help you make the right decisions to get you the cover you need to get back up and running as quickly as possible following an attack.

      With cyber insurance arranged by NC Insurance you can expect comprehensive protection which includes the key features you need to stay protected, including:
      • Data breaches
      • Business interruption
      • Ransomware
      • Cyber extortion
      • Reputational damage
      • Legal fees
      • Defence and investigation costs
      • Compensation
      Protect your business reputation against cyber risk

      Should your business be targeted by cybercriminals and public data is leaked, the media backlash arising from this could significantly tarnish the reputation of your business.  Cyber insurance includes cover to aid you in upholding the reputation of your company, including expert PR and crisis management support.

      Cyber Essentials Certification
      We’re proud to announce our recently awarded Cyber Essentials Certification. This demonstrates our own internal commitment to cyber security which in turn extends to all of clients.

      Get peace of mind that you’re properly covered with a cyber insurance policy from NC Insurance.

      Cyber Essentials Certificate
      Cyber Insurance Claims Examples
      Data Corruption – An ex-employee of a company hacked their internal computer system and maliciously installed a virus to corrupt data. 
      With appropriate cyber cover the cost of data restoration, recovery and recreation will be covered getting the business up and running as soon as possible.
      Cyber Liability – A firms email system became unexpectedly corrupted.
      As the firm had comprehensive cyber liability they were covered for the cost of an IT investigation to confirm the cause of the corruption. Additionally the cyber liability covered the firm for damages paid to former customers after they also got infected by the email.
      Ransomware – A volunteer or employee mistakenly sends money to a fraudster pretending to be from a trusted organisation using a fake invoice.
      With social engineering cover, the charity or not-for-profit would be reimbursed for the loss resulting from the transaction.
      Email Scam / Fishing – A hacker discovers vulnerabilities in your day-to-day computer software and blocks access. The hacker demands a ransom in order to give back control.
      A cyber extortion threat expenses policy will reimburse you for the extortion payments and extortion expenses arising from any 3rd party illegal demand for payment.

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