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      For individuals who own high value assets, a standard insurance policy with a fixed cover limit simply won't meet your requirements.

      If your home, cars or possessions add up to a significant amount, you will need an insurance policy that takes this into account, otherwise, you could end up underinsured. We understand that no two clients are the same which is why we will work closely with you to determine your exact requirements. We will assist you in ensuring you have a thorough and accurate valuation of your assets in order to get a policy that matches your distinct and unique needs.

      Working alongside market-leading, trusted insurers, we aim to get you a policy that truly matches your lifestyle, regardless of how unique your circumstances.

      High Net Worth Insurance Covers Include
      • Non-standard homes
      • Jewellery and antiques
      • Fine art
      • Musical instruments
      • Prestige and luxury cars
      • Outbuildings incl. swimming pools
      • Contents away from home
      • Alternative accommodation
      Why NC Insurance

      Offering expert advice and a fast, friendly and personal service, the NC Insurance team will work with you to make sure you and your family receive the protection you need in an easy-to-manage package. Your policy can even account for legal expenses arising from areas such as inheritance disputes or accidents occurring within your land.

      High Net Worth Insurance FAQ's
      What risks do a high net worth policy protect against?
      Because we use a large variety of different insurers to source you the most competitive and suitable quotation this can change but generally policies cover:

      • Subsidence
      • Storms & floods
      • Theft or attempted theft
      • Fire, earthquake or an explosion
      • Escape of water or oil from heating systems
      • Falling trees/ branches
      • Impact by aircraft, vehicle or animal
      Who is high net worth cover designed for?
      The term describes an individual of recognised wealth. In reality there is no definitive or fixed definition of what qualifies as a high net worth individual but the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) defines it as an individual who both earns more than £100,000 a year and whose net assets are valued at more than £250,000.
      Do all my valuables need to be listed in order to be covered?
      Many insurers will automatically have higher limits on your high net worth items, meaning that often you don’t need to list absolutely everything. We use our expertise and advice to discuss your required high value items, finding the best policy for your needs.
      High Net Worth Insurance Claims Examples
      An individual experienced significant property damage after soot collapsed in his chimney causing dust and rubble to cover the contents of his living room.
      This caused extensive damage to the individuals lavish interiors, resulting in the carpets, wallpaper and the contents of the room needing to be cleaned or replaced. Thankfully due to the individuals High Net Worth policy the insurer covered the full cost of the specialist cleaning and where necessary the replacement of items, saving the individual tens of thousands of pounds.
      A luxury hardwood floor was left irreversibly damaged after an individual’s dishwasher leaked without their knowledge.
      The individual claimed on their high net worth policy and was able to claim the total value associated with replacing the flooring.
      An individuals property was targeted by thieves who forcefully entered causing damage before stealing a large amount of jewellery.
      Within days of the individual claiming, the insurer sent contractors to fix the damage to the property ensuring it was secure to avoid further thefts. In addition to fixing the property damage the insurer also refunded the cost of the items stolen.