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      NC Insurance is a leading provider of Engineering Insurance solutions, protecting your buildings, equipment, stock, people and your ability to trade.

      Whilst the risks you face will differ greatly depending on whether your business focuses on chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering, the need for expert advice, specialist insurance wordings and highly competitive premiums is essential. No matter the size and type of your operation, we can offer a solution to protect both you and your business from the risks that arise in your field.

      Our specialist Engineering Insurance scheme has been created so you can benefit from industry-leading cover which is designed for your unique needs. This can include cover for installation, machinery, and electronics and well as Public, Employers’ and Product Liability. This means that should something happen, you should be able to get back up and running as soon as possible and you will be covered financially for any interruption to your business in the meantime.

      With engineering insurance arranged by NC Insurance you can expect tailored protection arranged by our team. Your cover can include:
      • Public liability
      • Employers’ liability
      • Product liability
      • Contractors’ all risks
      • Tools & equipment
      • Professional indemnity
      • Tools in transit
      • Business interruption
      Professional engineering risk advice

      We will arrange your policy through leading insurers who specialise in your industry, so you can be confident that your policy will meet your individual needs. We will also provide you with honest, impartial advice on any optional cover features that you could benefit from.

      Engineering Insurance FAQ's
      One specific piece of equipment is imperative to the daily running of my business, is there a policy to protect against the value and the loss of production following breakdown?
      It’s possible to arrange cover for any ‘Sudden & Unforeseen Damage’ to the machine meaning the cost of fixing or replacing the vital equipment will be covered. Business Interruption cover can also be taken out to pay for the loss of production following the breakdown.
      If I’m looking to move / relocate some machinery can I get stand alone cover for the move?
      Yes you can. Engineering insurance is available on a ‘one off’ basis to allow for the moving of machinery when required. If you’re a company specialising in the movement of machinery we are also able to offer an annual quotation, get in touch with a member of the team to find out more.
      What insurance does an engineer need?
      This will largely depend on the work you do and the type of business you run. Sole traders for instance may only require public liability to protect them against claims of injury or property damage. If you run a larger engineering firm cover needs can be more extensive, we’ll consider cover for giving advice as well as to protect your tools & equipment.
      Engineering Insurance Claims Examples
      Design Error – An engineer submits their plans for a project. The plans contained an error which when carried out on site resulted in significant and expensive complications for the rest of the project.
      Due to the organisations engineering insurance the cost of putting the errors right, covering the additional cost and defending any claims from the client company will be covered.
      Worker Accident – One of your employees is injured as a result of their work. The employee decides to bring a claim against the organisation for the injury they suffered which if successful could cost the organisations tens of thousands of pounds.
      Fortunately the organisation had employers’ liability insurance included within their engineering policy, meaning that any legal or settlement fees resulting from the claim would be covered.
      Unhappy Client – You believe you’ve completed a job well done, the client on the other hand is unhappy and believes their costs may increase as a result. The client decides to claim against your organisation for any additional costs incurred. 
      Regardless of if you agree or disagree with the clients claim you will still be forced to defend yourself. This can be extremely expensive, fortunately with a comprehensive engineering insurance policy the cost of defending such a claim will be covered.

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