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      Affordable, comprehensive protection is key when it comes to travel, yet many travellers take the risk with a one-size-fits-all policy.

      Many travellers find out too late that the travel insurance they purchased wasn’t right for their individual requirements. There are a number of things to think about when it comes to travel insurance, from age and pre-existing health conditions to the destination and the activities you will be partaking in. If you are going on an extended weekend break to Paris for sightseeing, your policy will look very different from someone who is white-water rafting in the USA.

      Whether you are taking an extended trip, a family holiday or travelling for business, the right policy can protect your luggage, health, travel plans and more from the financial costs of unexpected events. If you have found it difficult to find cover in the past, we can help to find you a fair policy with knowledgeable insurers.

      It can be daunting when things go wrong, but with the right travel insurance you can quickly get back to enjoying your break. Cover arranged by NC Insurance can include:
      • Travel cancellation
      • Medical expenses
      • Single or multi-trip cover
      • Adventure holidays
      • Loss of belongings/theft
      • Public liability
      • Emergency repatriation
      • Older travellers
      • Student travellers
      • Missed departure
      Specialist cover from leading insurers

      Our dedicated insurance professionals carefully compare cover from a range of leading UK insurers to find the most competitive arrangements to suit your needs, with the premium benefits of using an independent broker.

      Travel Insurance FAQ's
      What is a pre-existing medical condition?
      Any personal illness or medical condition that is known or exists before purchasing an insurance policy is considered to be a pre-existing medical condition. Speak to a member of the NC Insurance team if your unsure if you are required to declare your medical condition as failing to disclose could result in the insurer refusing to pay out in the event of a claim.
      What does an annual / multi-trip policy cover?
      Annual policies cover you for an entire year of insurance from the start of the policy date. If you travel frequently it may be worth considering taking out a multi-trip policy to keep costs to a minimum.
      Travel Insurance Claims Examples
      Cancellation – Your washing machine floods the night before you are due to go to the airport leaving you to pay for a holiday you didn’t even take.
      With comprehensive travel insurance in place you are able to recover the cost of accommodation and flights as well as any other excursions or transport costs.
      Lost Goods – You were targeted by pickpockets who stole your wallet, phone and suitcase.
      Fortunately a travel insurance policy will enable you to reimburse the cost of the stolen goods, meaning you can get back to your holiday.
      Missed Departure – Due to a delayed train you missed your flight time and are forced to pay thousands for a last minute alternative.
      The cost of replacement transport can be absolutely huge, especially at the last minute, thankfully with comprehensive travel insurance the cost of the alternate travel will be covered.