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      As cleaning and FM business insurance specialists, we understand the challenges industry professionals face when trying to find the right insurance.

      Issues can stem from compliance right through to workplace regulations in a cost-focused culture where clients demand high standards for less money. To target these, we have access to an exclusive scheme for the cleaning industry.

      We have partnered with brokers who have been working with the British Institute of Cleaning Science for over 90 years, and who also work closely with The Building Futures Group, the BCC, the WCEC, and the HSE. For our clients, we offer exclusive access to our Business Resource Portal with tailored risk management advice for the cleaning and facilities management industries, and a range of employer support materials.

      With cleaning & facilities management insurance arranged by NC Insurance you can expect comprehensive protection which can include:
      • Damage to items being worked upon
      • Failure to secure premises
      • Misuse of equipment
      • Theft and loss of equipment
      • Removal of documents
      • Items and loss of keys
      • General liability
      • Personal accident
      Public Liability Insurance for cleaners

      Nearly every business benefits from public liability cover, but when you are working with the public and in their properties, the right protection is essential. We will work with you to ensure you are protected in the event that legal proceedings are made against you, so you are covered for the associated costs.

      Cleaning & Facilities Management FAQ's
      Why do cleaning & facilities managers need professional indemnity insurance?
      In today’s world, facilities management impacts businesses, the economy and wider society. This means you need to ensure that the work you are commissioned to do, is done correctly. What if your project to reduce a clients carbon footprint doesn’t go to plan or the contactor you recommended doesn’t complete the job to a good standard? When the responsibility is on you, professional indemnity insurance is your best defence, providing you with legal advice and financial support should you need it.
      Can I add my tools, equipment and plant to this policy?
      With bespoke cleaning & facilities management cover tailored to your needs, we can add cover for your physical assets whether that’s contents, equipment or plant.
      What limit of cover do I need?
      More and more frequently industry & regulatory bodies will require you to meet certain minimum levels of cover in order for you to undertake a contract. If you unsure what this is, we can offer a range a limits so you can ensure you have the necessary limit available to conduct your work.
      Cleaning & Facilities Management Claims Examples
      Loss of Keys – A cleaning contractor accidently loses a client’s keys.
      With loss of keys cover the contractor will be covered for the cost of replacing the keys, additionally as the client was unable to access his premises, the insurance covered the cost of replacing the buildings locks.
      Treatment Damage – Contractor damages a significant amount of client property by using the wrong chemical treatment.
      The clients cleaning and facilities management insurance cover will protect the contractor against the repair or replacement of the damaged property.
      Product Efficacy – A facilities manager installs a product which fails to perform as intended causing disruption and forcing the business to temporarily cease trading.
      With products efficacy cover the facilities manager will be covered for any resulting claim investigation, defence, legal proceedings and compensation.