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    Specialist advice and cover for HVAC engineers

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      Working closely with the heating and air conditioning industry, we have access to a market-exclusive product for those in HVAC design, installation and maintenance.

      Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers have a unique level of responsibility. An incorrect installation can cause major damage to property and may even cause significant business interruption which you could be held liable for. You could also be at risk from other factors such as tool theft and personal accidents.

      In comparison to standard business cover, your policy will account for industry-specific risks such as the use of oxyacetylene welding equipment, working from heights and efficacy cover. We will strive to arrange a comprehensive policy with appropriate limits of liability cover. For contractors, your level of public liability cover could be the difference between losing and gaining a contract.

      With HVAC insurance arranged by NC Insurance, you can expect tailored protection with room for optional extras. Your cover can include:
      • Commercial general liability
      • Tools and equipment
      • Third party property damage
      • Public liability
      • Contractors’ all risks
      • Legal expenses
      • Income protection
      • Use of heat equipment on site
      Effective combination of cover

      Available for a wide range of heating, ventilating and associated businesses, you’ll benefit from specialist product benefits and the support of a leading UK insurer, through our independent brokers. You’ll also receive access to our Business Resource Portal, offering tailored risk management advice for HVAC industries, and a range of employer support materials.

      HVAC Insurance FAQ's
      I need cover in place to secure a contract – Do you provide proof of cover?
      If you decide to purchase a policy with us we will issue your documents to you as soon as we receive them and can include policy certificates showing cover is in force upon your request.
      Can I get cover for my past work?
      If you’ve held professional indemnity insurance uninterrupted prior to arranging a policy with us we can cover your past work. If you haven’t had professional indemnity in the past or experienced a break in cover, we would not be able to offer cover for your past work.
      What should I consider before buying HVAC insurance?
      We recommend having revenue and payroll estimates as well as information on any previous claims to hand. This information will enable us to give you the most accurate premium to sufficiently cover your organisation.
      HVAC Insurance Claims Examples
      Product Efficacy – A contractor installs a product which fails to perform as intended causing disruption and forcing the business to temporarily cease trading.
      With products efficacy cover the contractor will be covered for any resulting claim investigation, defence, legal proceedings and compensation.
      A HVAC contractor on a residential call, improperly fits an O-ring on a heating system. The resulting damage of this being a large amount of oil escaping under the property. The residents home insurer is now seeking to claim from the contractor for the damage caused to the property.
      The contractor would be covered for the cost of defending the claim and any settlement that may be required due to having an extensive HVAC Insurance policy in place.
      A contractor working on a companies air conditioning unit accidently leaves his equipment lying on the ground outside the premises. A member of the public trips over the equipment breaking their leg and leaving the contractor responsible for the injury caused.
      With public liability cover included as part of a HVAC Insurance package, the cost of defending a claim from a member of the public would be covered as well as any compensation payable.