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    Even the most diligent professionals can make mistakes.

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      PI Insurance covers you for costs resulting from incorrect work for a client that results in them experiencing financial or reputational loss.

      Everyone can make a mistake. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of your work this can result in large financial losses. If you work as an architect, consultant, recruiter or countless other professional services roles you could be held liable for covering the financial costs of any advice given or work completed on behalf of a client should something go wrong.

      Regardless of how many years experience you and your team may have, there is always the possibility that one of you could make a mistake. PI covers you against a wide range of scenarios such as professional negligence, loss of data/documents, defamation & libel, loss of money or goods and an unintentional breach of copyright.

      With NC Insurance, we aim to safeguard your business with a strong line of defence in the form of bespoke insurance. Your cover can include:
      • Professional negligence
      • Breach of copyright
      • Defamation
      • Lost or damaged documents
      • Breach of confidence
      • Employee cover
      Which professionals need professional indemnity insurance?

      If you provide skills, knowledge or advice for payment, you should consider investing in a professional indemnity policy. Many professions will require you to have this cover in place in order to join their respective bodies, additionally clients may demand that freelancers & contractors have PI to cover the value of your work.

      Some common professions that PI insurance should be considered for include:

      • Solicitors
      • Accountants
      • Chartered surveyors
      • Architects
      • Healthcare professionals
      • Financial advisers
      • Consultants
      • Journalists
      • PR
      • Graphic designers
      Professional Indemnity Insurance FAQ's
      How much professional indemnity insurance do I need?
      Most insurers offer anywhere between £50,000 to £5 million professional indemnity cover. In order to have a good idea of how much you’ll need we recommend checking your business contract for any specified limit or the value of the project your looking to complete. This can provide a good indication of how much cover you will require.
      Is professional indemnity insurance a legal requirement?
      Certain professions or regulatory bodies may require that your organisation has PI insurance yet it isn’t strictly a legal requirement.
      Is professional indemnity insurance tax deductible?
      PI Insurance is tax deductible as can be classed as an ‘allowable expense’.
      What is a retroactive date on professional indemnity insurance?
      The retroactive date is separate to the date your policy is taken out. If you have uninterrupted insurance, regardless of provider, you can maintain a retroactive cover date for your policy meaning you can remain protected for any work that was previously done.
      Professional Indemnity Insurance Claims Examples
      An architect was hired to draw plans for a new housing development, it was discovered during construction that the plans featured some major miscalculations resulting in the construction company claiming against the architect for professional negligence.
      Professional indemnity insurance would cover the cost of defending the claim of professional negligence as well as the cost of correcting the incorrect plans.
      An employee leaves a laptop containing a clients sensitive data on a train accidently. As a result of losing the data the client takes out a claim against the company for a breach of confidentiality.
      With a comprehensive PI policy from NC Insurance you’ll be covered against the expensive cost of the claim and the cost associated with recovering the lost data.
      A bookkeeper was commissioned by a client to advise on the purchasing of a plot of land. The bookkeeper advised the client incorrectly regarding the VAT liability on the land ultimately costing the client thousands of pounds. The client subsequently put out a claim against the bookkeeper for the error. 
      Fortunately the bookkeeper was covered for their professional error by a professional indemnity policy meaning the costs associated with defending the claim and any compensation to the client would be covered.

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