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      Interior contracting is a technology-driven industry evolving by the day which means that, when it comes to insurance, it requires specialist support.

      Standard business insurance will not account for the unique risks that you are subject to when working in this area, which is why it is essential to pursue specialist cover from knowledgeable insurers. It is also important to ensure you are covered for any damage to the property you are working in as there is potential for the resulting costs to quickly escalate, which you will be expected to cover if you are found liable for the damage.

      We are partnered with and approved by the National Association of Shopfitters, which allows us to combine the cover advantages of their market-leading product with our independent service. This enables us to not only stay up-to-date with the industry so we can continue to arrange relevant cover, but it also allows us to look to and prepare for the industry’s future.

      With shopfitters insurance arranged by NC Insurance you can be sure that your cover accounts for the key areas of risk in the fit-out industry. Your policy can include:
      • Tools and equipment
      • Damage to the third-party property
      • Hired-in plant
      • Contractors’ all risks
      • Public liability
      • Employers’ liability
      • Contract works
      • Personal accident
      Industry discounts and specialist resources

      We can offer free liability insurance for apprenticeships, low claim premium rebates for NAS members, and interest-free credit. You’ll also receive access to our Business Resource Portal, helping you take control of compliance with industry-specific risk management.

      Shopfitters Insurance FAQ's
      What if I change my activities or grow in size?
      As your activities and organisation grows and changes we will evaluate how this impacts your insurance and adjust your policy to meet your new needs.
      I need cover in place to secure a contract – Do you provide proof of cover?
      If you decide to purchase a policy with us we will issue your documents to you as soon as we receive them and can include policy certificates showing cover is in force upon your request.
      Do I need public liability insurance?
      Public liability is not a legal requirement however it is highly recommended if your organisation deals regularly with the public, clients or contractors.
      Do I need employers’ liability insurance?
      It is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability in place if your organisation has employees, volunteers or contractors who work for your organisation. There are a small number of businesses who are not legally obliged to hold an employers liability policy such as; family businesses, sole employee businesses & public organisations.
      Shopfitters Insurance Claims Examples
      Public Injury – A contractor working on a shop fitting accidently leaves his equipment lying on the ground outside the premises. A member of the public trips over the equipment breaking their leg leaving the contractor responsible for the injury caused.
      With public liability cover included as part of a shopfitters insurance package, the cost of defending a claim from a member of the public would be covered as well as any compensation payable.
      Worker Accident – One of your employees is injured as a result of their work. The employee decides to bring a claim against the organisation for the injury they suffered which if successful could cost the organisations tens of thousands of pounds.
      Fortunately the organisation had employers’ liability insurance included within their shopfitters insurance policy, meaning that any legal or settlement fees resulting from the claim would be covered.
      Product Efficacy – A contractor installs a product which fails to perform as intended causing disruption and forcing the business to temporarily cease trading.
      With products efficacy cover the contractor will be covered for any resulting claim investigation, defence, legal proceedings and compensation.

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