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      Renewable energy projects are complex with a unique set of risks. Due to the specialist nature of the work, it can be difficult to find an insurer that understands your industry.

      Renewable Energy Insurance is a growing part of the UK insurance market. Onshore and offshore wind farms are going from strength to strength, and experts believe alternative energy can make up for the lost power from abandoned nuclear energy projects. But because the industry is still relatively new (certainly in the insurance world), many insurers do not fully understand the finer details of this exciting and growing sector – leaving businesses like yours dangerously under-protected.

      That is why we work hard to identify the most progressive policies available, making sure you get the advice, support and cover you need. Our team provide a combination of expert advice, exclusive products and competitive premiums, with cover tailored to your project’s specific needs.

      With renewable energy insurance arranged by NC Insurance, you can expect expert protection arranged by our team of specialists. We can cover for:
      • Anaerobic digestion
      • Geothermal
      • Battery storage
      • Waste to energy
      • Hydro plant
      • Biomass plant
      • Micro hydroelectric
      • Solar & wind farms (onshore & offshore)
      Exclusive cover with leading UK renewable energy insurers

      We have access to market-leading risk management solutions including a knowledge store, risk templates and e-learning options for onshore and offshore renewable energy projects including solar and wind farms, biomass and hydro. Should you need to make a claim we will support you through the claims process and provide guidance in the event of HSE or EA action.

      Renewable Energy Insurance FAQ's
      Does renewable energy insurance cover against lost income if our operation goes offline?
      If the cause of the operation going offline is insured and you have business interruption in place then you’ll be covered for all relevant losses.
      What if I change my activities or grow in size?
      As your activities and organisation grows and changes we will evaluate how this impacts your insurance and adjust your policy to meet your new needs.
      I’ve secured a renewable energy project, am I required to have insurance?
      If you’ve got employees / labour only subcontractors operating under instruction you are required to have necessary cover. If you don’t, cover is not essential although some contacts may require it.
      Renewable Energy Insurance Claims Examples
      Worker Accident – One of your employees is injured as a result of their work. The employee decides to bring a claim against the organisation for the injury they suffered which if successful could cost the organisations tens of thousands of pounds.
      Fortunately the organisation had employers’ liability insurance included within their renewable energy policy, meaning that any legal or settlement fees resulting from the claim would be covered.
      Product Efficacy – A contractor installs a product which fails to perform as intended causing disruption and forcing the business to temporarily cease trading.
      With products efficacy cover the contractor will be covered for any resulting claim investigation, defence, legal proceedings and compensation.
      Directors Mistake – A companies sensitive customer data is accidently posted online due to an error by the directors. As a result both the ICO and the individual customers seek to claim compensation for the loss of sensitive data.
      With D&O insurance in place the company will be covered for legal costs, fines and compensation as a result of the breach of the duty of trust.