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      Regardless of the scale or nature of your business, if you operate two or more vehicles you could cover all your motor-related risks under a commercial fleet insurance policy.

      If your vehicles are insured on an individual basis, we may be able to save you time and money by combining them under a single policy. We’ll work with you to put risk-reducing improvements in place and help streamline your fleet management processes.

      Every business is different which means that a one-size-fits-all solution will likely not be suitable for yours. That is why we are flexible with the cover we can arrange, taking into account who will be driving the insured vehicles, how they’re secured both during the day and overnight and the level of cover you need based on how and where the vehicles are being used.

      We'll tailor your fleet policy to the distinct needs of the organisation. Covers can include:
      • Any driver or named driver
      • Employers’ liability
      • Public liability
      • Goods in transit
      • Breakdown assistance
      • Comprehensive/third party, fire & theft
      • Detached trailer cover
      • European cover
      Access to a dedicated claims manager

      Whether you have 2 vehicles or 100, we can arrange cover for a wide range of vehicles including private cars, vans, HGVs, hauliers, taxi fleets and more. All our clients have access to a dedicated claims manager who will support you in the event you need to make a claim to ensure you get a fair outcome.

      Fleet Insurance FAQ's
      Is fleet insurance available for taxis?
      Both public and private taxis are able to be covered under a fleet policy, in addition it’s possible to mix vehicle categories making fleet insurance a popular choice with the private and public sector.
      How can I decrease the cost of my fleet insurance?
      There are several ways in which you can look to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance, speak to a NC Insurance expert broker today for their tailored recommendations for your organisation. Some of the more common methods to bring down costs include:

      • Increasing excess levels
      • Reducing claims numbers through regular training and vehicle safety checks
      • Implementing new safety features such as secure parking, the use of immobilisers and vehicle trackers.
      What determines the cost of my fleet policy?
      The total cost of your policy is conditional on a number of factors including:

      • Cost of your fleet vehicles
      • Number of fleet vehicles
      • Your previous claims experience
      • Safety and security measures
      • Number and age of named drivers
      • Where the vehicles are stored
      Are there specific things I need to whilst having a fleet insurance policy?
      When your business is covered by a fleet policy its extremely important to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) with up-to-date information about the vehicles in your fleet. Many organisations are selling and acquiring vehicles on a daily basis meaning a considerable amount of time is spent making changes to the MID. With a fleet policy from NC Insurance we take responsibility for adding and removing your vehicles from the MID, saving you time to get on with what’s important.
      Fleet Insurance Claims Examples
      One of your fleet vehicles collides with a parked car during the working day.
       With comprehensive motor insurance in place, the cost of the damage to both vehicles would be covered.
      If your employees use a vehicle for their role, its a legal requirement to have cover in place.
      Without appropriate commercial vehicle insurance your organisation may well face a fine. The minimum punishment for this offence is a £300 fine and 6 points on your license. Depending on the risk you created the courts are within their power to issue ‘unlimited fines’ and even disqualify you from driving altogether. On top of this they have the power to seize and destroy the vehicle – even if it does not belong to you.
      An unknown person causes damages to several of your fleet vehicles.
      If your vehicle is damaged either maliciously or accidentally you’ll want cover in place. Having appropriate motor cover will ensure that the costs related to repairing the vehicle will be covered.

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