Bad website causing you to lose 50% of sales?

A recent study commissioned by Studio Graphene highlighted the importance of businesses keeping their technology relevant and up-to-date, as a bad website could turn off a potential customer very quickly. The majority of UK adults agreed that they would leave a website within 30 seconds if it was hard to navigate or visually unappealing.

The statistics showed that in the last five years, as much as 25% of the UK adult population have switched companies due to the rival company having better technology with a better customer experience, and this figure shoots to 41% amongst those aged 18-34. The study suggested that 52% of people always research a business online before spending money with them and 47% believe a good website/app is the key for them to trust a brand, meaning many people view a bad website as untrustworthy.

So whether you never thought to maintain that once-shiny new website or—heaven forbid—you don’t have one at all, you could be losing out on over half of your potential trade. It appears that all companies, whether you’re an SME organisation or a larger corporation, need to be aware of how their technology lends itself to the customer experience.

The 30-second rule
With such a small window to impress your customer, your website should be easy-to-use, attractive and responsive. It should quickly detail the service you offer and what your company is about. With the resources available, there’s no need to lose out to a competitor because your technology is lagging behind.

Using a website to your advantage
Having control of your technology allows your business to control its own narrative. It can help you push a brand, build a personality and get your mission across clearly. If you utilise SEO practices, you can also ensure your site gets increased visibility, more clicks and ultimately reaches more people across the world.

What makes great company tech?
Great websites and apps should translate across all platforms and transfer seamlessly between applications and platforms—from Chrome on a laptop, Explorer on a desktop or Safari on a smartphone.  Your pages should load quickly and appeal both to users who explore sites in-depth and those who scan through whilst on the go. Think about how people will use your technology and if it would appeal to you personally as a user.

NC Insurance

Now you’ve got your bad website and app sorted, you may want to think about getting a great cyber insurance policy in the event your software and systems are subjected to cyber-crime. NC Insurance can arrange a policy that works for the size and nature of your company, so you can concentrate on getting to the top of Google’s search list. Call us today on 0191 482 1219 or request a quote on our website.

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