insurance jargon made Yorkshire

Insurance Jargon Buster, Made in Yorkshire

Insurance is littered with confusing jargon and nonsensical terms most people simply can’t get their heads around. Luckily for you, we’ll be clearing things up as we explain some common terms you may come across. It is in broad Yorkshire though…

Yer’ll be speaking proper Yorkshire in no time.


This is t’amount yer pay t’insurers an’ they’ll av’ yer’ covered. Ye’ can even pay monthly or annually.

Cooling- off Period

When ye’ teks owt a policy, yer’ve got a cooling-off period where ye’ can cancel an’ pay nowt’. Its reyt good for when yer’ decide yer’ dunt’ want or need it.

No Claims Bonus/Discount

Yer insurer’ll give ye’ a discount if ye’ ‘av no claims for year. Its reyt good.

Renewal Date

When yer policy runs art, ye’ gets t’option then to tek it ‘art again or gu for summat new.

Risk Assessment

Risky business. Its lookin’ at possible trouble ye’ant spotted and doin’ summat about it.

Third Party

This is the chap whos ran int’back o’ yer or the person whos claiming against yer.

Professional Indemnity

If yer an architect or a financial adviser or summat like that, an’ if somebody reckons ye’ ant done a proper good job, they might try an’ claim against ye’ Wi this, yer insurer have thi’ back.

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

A reyt good bunch, these. They’ll make sure ye’ tret fairly no matter the circumstances.

We hope this has clarified a few things for you, but if you’re unsure on anything or want to talk about your insurance, give us a call on 0191 482 1219 or visit our site HERE. If you want to talk about Yorkshire, thats fine too. Tarra.