NC Insurance is Trading for Good

NC Insurance is pleased to announce we’ve signed up to the Trading for Good campaign which allows us to show our customers and business partners exactly why we’re a good business. Trading for Good is a group of like-minded people, businesses and organizations who want to celebrate the good work that small businesses do in their communities. We all believe that small businesses are a force for good – but they often go unrecognized. When the Prime Minister announced the Every Business Commits agenda in 2011, we saw an opportunity to come together and build a service that benefits everyone.

Mark Burdett, Sales & Marketing Director at NC Insurance had this to say about Trading for Good,

“I recently attended a Trading for Good event held at Sage, Newcastle and it was clear to me that the Trading for Good ethos perfectly aligns with our own brand values of being dedicated, ethical and professional. We do support charities and communities, we do help young people into work, we do work hard to improve our impact on the environment, we do work with our clients and business partners to make their lives easier and better and we do whatever we can to make life better for our staff. Trading for Good allows us to share that information with the wider community at the same time as meeting and being associated with like minded people and organisations.”

Further information about TFG can be found at