10 Most Common Driving Errors

The 10 Most Common Driving Errors

No matter how skilled you may be as a driver, its very likely your guilty of at least one of these top ten driving errors. You may even be surprised by how many of these popular errors you could be making without realising the risks that they pose.

1.Not paying attention

We all know that using your mobile phone whilst driving is strictly banned in the UK. This is the case as it can act as a distraction to the driver, ultimately leading to unsafe driving. Your phone isn’t the only potential distraction in your car though, changing the radio, applying makeup or admiring the view as you drive can all contribute to distracting you and increases the risk you face on the road.

2. Leaving the high-beam on

Your high-beam can be extremely useful for navigating your way down dimly lit roads on dark nights. Did you know however, it can also be a factor that contributes to road accidents. High-beams can be distracting for drivers of oncoming cars, reducing visibility and increasing the likelihood of an accident taking place. High-beams  have their use, but should be used carefully to avoid any unnecessary risk.

3. Not using your car indicator

It’s hardly a wonder that this one made the list as it would seem that indicators are almost redundant in many vehicles nowadays. Whats important to remember however is that indicators are an important safety feature designed  to tell other drivers that you’re going to move. By neglecting your indicator, you’re increasing the risk of accident to both yourself and other drivers. Don’t forget to also switch it off when not in use, as a constant flickering can be just as misleading and dangerous.

4. Misfuelling

The moment of panic after filling your car and questioning if you chose the correct fuel type, is a situation that no-one wants to be in. Yet it still happens to over 400 people everyday. On top of the cost of fuel, you have the potential additional cost of draining the fuel, repairing the vehicle and replacing the wrong fuel with the correct type you originally needed. This is one error that will certainly cost you.

5. Tail-Gating

No one enjoys being subjected to tail gating, yet when traffic is slow, many people find that they end up bumper-to-bumper with the driver ahead. Often people argue the driver in front was driving ‘too slowly’, this is not as dangerous as tail-gating however. It’s called the two second rule for a reason; make sure there’s a big enough gap.

6. Not adjusting your mirrors

The mirrors in your car are more than just a reflective tool to admire yourself whilst driving; they are important instruments for helping you see what is behind and on either side of your vehicle. Having your mirrors in the correct position will reduce the risk of an accident occurring due to poor vision. Its always a wise decision to take a moment to ensure they are set up correctly before setting off.

7. Driving slowly on a passing lane

We all know how annoying it is when we see someone driving slowly in a passing lane, what you may not know is the danger it also brings. In an attempt to overtake these drivers other motorists may opt for overtaking in the slower lanes, a dangerous move that can put everyone nearby at risk. If you are unsure if you are driving too slowly for the lane you’re in, use those rear view mirrors to check if there’s a large line of drivers behind, accompanied by a symphony of car horns. If this is the case you may need to move across.

8. Not utilising the handbrake

Once you’ve been driving for a long time, its easy to adopt bad habits such as resting on your clutch and brake pedal at traffic lights and junctions. Did you know however that by failing to use your handbrake you are more at risk of an accident? Unfortunately we cannot control the actions of other road users (as much as we’d like) meaning a small nudge from a vehicle behind can cause you to jolt into the car ahead, something that would be avoided with the use of your handbrake.

9. Crossing lanes whilst turning

When we think back to our days of learning to drive, a few keys bits of information may stick in your mind. Don’t cross your hands when turning, always check your blind spot, keep your hands in the ten and two position. One thing many drivers seem to have forgotten however is to stay in their lane whilst turning a corner or driving round a roundabout.Occupying multiple lanes at once is dangerous as you may have collisions with cars in other lanes that are turning at the same time. To avoid this, stick to the lane you started in and only leave once you have indicated and it is safe to do so.

10. Driving whilst tired

Many of us drive to work first thing in the morning whilst we are still half asleep. This is a risk that isn’t worth taking as thousands of motoring accidents happen each year due to tired drivers. If you are not awake enough to drive, take appropriate steps to remedy this. Delay your journey until you’ve had enough rest if possible, if you are already out and about pull over somewhere safe and take a nap, its not worth the risk.

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