Top Tips for Preventing Vehicle Theft

About 225 vehicles are stolen every day in the United Kingdom, according to the most recent government statistics. Vehicles are probably the single most popular target ofcrime because they are relatively easy to steal. To put the brakes on vehicle theft, try the following prevention tips.

  • Never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running, which is an offence punishable by a £20 fine and may invalidate your cover.
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle or ignition, even inside a locked garage.
  • Always close your windows and lock the vehicle, even if it is in front of your home.
  • Always park in a high-traffic, well-lit area, if possible.
  • Consider anti-theft devices such as steering wheel locks or fuel cut-off switches.
  • Have your vehicle identification number (VIN) etched into each piece of glass on the vehicle as a deterrent.
  • Investigate the purchase of a motor vehicle alarm system if you live in a high-theft area or drive a theft-prone vehicle. Display an alarm decal near the door handle.
  • Copy your number plate and VIN numbers on a card and keep them on you with your driving licence. If your vehicle is stolen, police will need this information promptly.

Most insurers have an upper limit for the amount they will pay for items stolen from a car. Generally, the value of high-end items like laptops and mobile phones exceed these limits. Installing a mechanical device that locks to the steering wheel, gearstick or pedals to prevent the wheel from being turned more than a few degrees can act as a highly visible physical deterrent if installed properly.

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