Are you voiding your Cyber policy?

It’s no wonder that small businesses are waking up to the reality of cyber security risks, with 875,000 SMEs in the UK hit by a cyber attack in the 12 months leading up to July 2017.

The losses a hack can cause are no small fry either, with over a fifth of the affected SMEs reporting costs to their business of over £10,000. One in 10 said the breach cost more than £50,000.

Protecting your business with cyber liability insurance is a major step towards staying on your feet in the event of a data breach, but making sure your working practices are compliant with the terms of your policy will reduce wiggle-room when it comes to insurers paying up.

Here are some essentials to be aware of:

  • Safeguards
    Insurers may require you to implement particular safeguards during the policy period to decrease the risk of data breach or loss. Failure to comply might void your coverage. Measures may include encrypting data, installing firewalls and security patches and following password protocols. At NC Insurance we will go through the clauses and conditions of your policy with you. Finally make sure to regularly review your activities with staff to make sure they’re in line with the small print.


  • Misrepresentations or concealment’s
    If you accidentally or deliberately misrepresented your data management procedures when arranging the policy, your insurer could attempt to argue that your cover is invalid. Unfortunately, they could refuse to pay out even if the misrepresentation was in a totally different area to the breach. From encryption procedures and data storage to back-up arrangements, make sure you’re open and honest with your broker, who’ll find the best cover based on the information you give them. If there are weak spots, they’ll be able to recommend risk-reducing improvements.

If you have any further questions about your cyber liability insurance, or to check you are complying with your policy terms, get in touch with our friendly advisers today at NC insurance.