Ten Top Tips For Reducing Your Air Pollution Exposure

Contrary to the opinions of some, air pollution is real and it causes harm to millions of people. Thankfully there are plenty of simple things we can do to improve air quality and look after our own health. Here are our top ten tips to reducing your air pollution exposure.

1) Use your feet and leave the car at home

Whether you cycle, walk, ride the bus or a train, leave your car at home and take to the streets. Research suggests that car drivers are exposed to twice as much air pollution as pedestrians & nine times more than cyclists. Reduce your pollution output as well as your exposure, all whilst getting some valuable exercise.

2) Avoid strenuous activity when pollution is high

There is an estimated 10-20 days in a year when its better to avoid working out if you have any heart or lung conditions. This is due to the high levels of air pollution on those days. For some people it will be more beneficial to skip the sit-ups, but for most it will still be healthier to exercise then to sit it out.

3) Save the wood-burning stove for the bleak winter

Some would argue that there is nothing more relaxing then settling in next to a nice warm wood-stove, the problem here is that wood-burning stoves produce a lot of air pollution. If you wish to minimise your contribution to air pollution, cut back on when you use it and save it for when its really necessary. However, if you choose to light it, make sure to use the cleanest authorised fuel that you can find.

4) Open your window when cooking or using cleaning products

Its vital to have sufficient ventilation throughout your home to reduce the build up of air polluting moulds that can occur in your house.

5) Regularly service your boiler

We all know how dangerous carbon monoxide can be, this means its essential to get your boiler serviced regularly to ensure your home is free from this dangerous gas.

6) Adopt a pollution-fighting diet

It has been suggested that eating a healthy and balanced diet can reduce the risk of developing health problems that can be worsened by air pollution. I think it may be time to re-evaluate my opinion on broccoli.

7) Consider how you clean your home

Keeping dust levels low and opting for fragrance-free or naturally-scented products rather than those filled with harmful chemicals can help to reduce the air pollution levels within your home.

8) Consume less energy to reduce your pollution

It’s well recognised that Gas and Electricity are key contributors to air pollution. Gas creates fumes when we burn it to heat our homes, electricity produced by power stations burning fossil fuels has the same result. Conserve energy in as many ways as possible to reduce these fumes. Try, switching off the lights, filling the kettle with the amount of water you need and only run appliances when they are full.

9) Switch energy suppliers

Its important that we choose renewable energy tariffs for our homes, as this not only helps to reduce the pollution produced by power stations, but also shows to those in positions of power that there is a big demand for more renewable energy sources.

10) Recycle your compostables

Rather than just burning unwanted garden waste, compost it, and turn it into food for your vegetable patch. Maybe you can start growing some broccoli too….

By following these ten steps you will be on the road to a pollution-free home, so you can relax, that you and your loved ones are protected.

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